Spirit Family Reunion wsg. Folkfaces and Swampcandy at Waterhole Winter Carnival Feb. 10th 2017


Ticket Link: Spirit Family Reunion wsg. Folkfaces and Swampcandy Feb. 10th, 2017

Saranac Lake’s 120th Winter Carnival Night #8

Waterhole Upstairs Music Lounge
48 Main St. Saranac Lake, NY

Doors 8:00pm Show 9:00pm
Advanced Tickets $12.00 / $15.00 at Door


Spirit Family Reunion
Official Website

is a touring band based out of New York that aims to deliver raw, high-energy honest music.


Folkface – Facefolk

Folkfaces is a group out of Buffalo, NY that plays a rowdy blend of rootsy Folk, Jazz, and Blues – fusing classic forms with contemporary feelings and irresistibly danceable energy. Their inspiration comes from the mountains of Appalachia to the deltas of Mississippi, the swamps of Louisiana to the Concrete Jungle of the Rustbelt. Specializing in merriment and sticking it to the system, Folkfaces make the crowd dance and the hierarchy shatter.


Swampcandy Official Website

Swampcandy is an internationally touring, primitive blues influenced Americana duo. Ruben Dobbs’ aggressive finger-picking and rhythmic style (which often adds up to sounding like more than one guitar) combined with Joey Mitchell’s bass playing, pounding kick drum and percussive bass throttling (representing the presence of a full drum kit) easily fill up the sonic space normally created by a trio or even a four-piece. Dobbs’ soulful, passionate vocals are the glue that holds it all together and makes the band tick.

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